Creative Visualization: Using Imagery and Imagination for Self-Transformation

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By Ronald Shone

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Ronald Shone

Ronald Shone
Ronald Shone is Senior Lecturer at Stirling University in the United Kingdom and the author of Autohypnosis, Advanced Autohypnosis, and First Steps to Freedom.



A comprehensive guide on how to harness the power of visualization to make positive life changes. 

A guide to recovering and improving the powers of imagination and using them for positive change 

Explores visualization techniques being used today in fields as diverse as medicine, sports, psychology, and the creative arts. 

Explains the principles behind these techniques for realizing your life goals 

All the great cultures and traditions of the world have recognized that human beings can transform the circumstances and conditions of their lives by visualizing powerful images. After centuries dominated by objective science that has given the material world precedence over the spiritual, many of us have forgotten how to use this innate ability. Now researchers are rediscovering the effects of visualization on one's emotions, mental state, physical body, behavior, and even on the future. 

Creative Visualization is a guide to recovering and improving your powers of imagination and using them for positive change in your life. By means of deep relaxation and visualization techniques, Ronald Shone shows you how to succeed in business, excel in sports, improve your memory, achieve goals, raise energy levels, overcome shyness, relieve pain, and improve your health. 

With today's resurgent interest in expanded states of consciousness, creative visualization is being used in fields as diverse as medicine, sports, psychology, and the creative arts. Use this book to understand the principles behind this process and how it can help you realize your life goals. 

"Readers who are interested in developing their imaginations and using imagery for self-help will find that Creative Visualization provides the guidance and help they need to transform their lives."

The Midwest Book Review