No Tears for my Father: Part 2: LEARNING to LOVE MYSELF: A memoir of healing through love after child sexual abuse

ABOUT Viga Boland

Viga Boland
Viga Boland is a 69-year-old grandmother who resides in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. At 65 years of age, Viga  finally found the courage to tell her two daughters and loving husband of over 40 years the ugly truth about the physical, mental and sexual abuse to which she was subjected by her More...



Viga Boland, author of the Gold Medal winning book, No Tears for my Father was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her biological father for 14 years. She told no-one, including her husband, about the abuse until she was 65.​

When true love afforded her a chance to escape her father, despite flashbacks and insecurities, she relied on the strengths born of her struggles and pain to embrace her new life. However, in keeping silent about the abuse for over 40 years of marriage, Viga indirectly also made her husband a victim of her narcissistic father. Yet, her husband stood strong beside her all the way: that's true love.

Learning to Love Myself is Viga's memoir of rebirth and recovery from abuse, and of self-discovery during the process. But even more than that, it is a love story: the love of husband and wife; the love of children, and love of self.

From the ages of 11-24, I was sexually, physically and mentally abused by my biological father. When I turned 65, I finally found the courage to tell my husband and family about the incest. The result was my first memoir which won a gold medal in 2014, "No Tears for my Father. This second book, "Learning to Love Myself" is Part 2 of my story, a much nicer part that shares my recovery after abuse and learning to love myself, which is critical to healing. I wrote this follow-up story at the request of friends and fans.