Crafting the Soul: Creating Your Life as a Work of Art

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By Rabbi Byron L. Sherwin

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Rabbi Byron L. Sherwin

Rabbi Byron L. Sherwin
Rabbi Byron L. Sherwin, Ph.D., is Vice-President for Academic Affairs at the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies in Chicago. An ordained rabbi and a recipient of the Presidential Medal from the Republic of Poland in 1995, he is the author of many books, including No Religion Is an Island a More...



A profound exploration of what a meaningful life truly is and what we can each do to make our own unique and beautiful

• Offers the ingredients and strategies necessary to turn your life into a work of art

• Takes contemporary culture head-on, demonstrating the challenges of living a spiritual, meaningful life in modern times

• An ideal companion for anyone seeking meaning in their lives and eager to set out to find it

Within each human soul, meaning flickers as a spark waiting to be ignited. Just as a sculptor starts with raw clay and crafts it into a singular work of beauty, so we are each responsible for taking the material of our own life and shaping it into something unique, beautiful, and meaningful. This process, which Sherwin calls soulcrafting, can make the difference between an empty life and one that has all the energy, completeness, and profundity of a work of art.

Crafting the Soul examines what many of the greatest thinkers of the past have had to say about the meaning of life, then takes contemporary culture head-on, demonstrating how many facets of modern life prevent one from ever creating a spiritual, meaningful existence. It then presents all the ingredients necessary to turn your life into a work of art and offers strategies for achieving this. Infused with the deep spirituality of the author's thirty years of philosophical exploration, Crafting the Soul is the ideal companion for anyone curious about the meaning of life and eager to set out on an intellectual and spiritual adventure to find it.

"Crafting the Soul represents the very best of a new genre of book that seamlessly integrates the intellectual disciplines of history, philosophy, and religion with the language of modern psychology. A self-help book for the thinking person."
Kalmen J. Kaplan, Ph.D., Director, Suicide Research Center, Columbia-Michael Reese Hospital

"Byron Sherwin is a modern-day philosopher-sage whose teachings are a powerful prescription for soulful and purposeful living. I highly recommend Crafting the Soul."
Rabbi Wayne Dosick, Ph.D., author of Golden Rules and Dancing with God

"His writing is designed to stimulate and challenge readers . . . by bringing things like personal history, cultural assumptions, and presuppositions into their awareness."
Sandra I. Smith, The Midwest Book Review