The Crack in the Cosmic Egg: New Constructs of Mind and Reality

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By Joseph Chilton Pearce

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Joseph Chilton Pearce

Joseph Chilton Pearce
Joseph Chilton Pearce is the author of The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of the Spirit, The Biology of Transcendence, The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Magical Child, and Evolution’s End. For the past 35 years, he has lectured and led workshops teaching about the changing needs of chi More...



The classic work that shaped the thought of a generation with its powerful insights into the true nature of mind and reality.

• Defines culture as a "cosmic egg" structured by the mind's drive for logical ordering of its universe.

• Provides techniques allowing individuals to break through the vicious circle of logic-based systems to attain expanded ways of creative living and learning.

The sum total of our notions of what the world is--and what we perceive its full potential to be--form a shell of rational thought in which we reside. This logical universe creates a vicious circle of reasoning that robs our minds of power and prevents us from reaching our true potential. To step beyond that circle requires a centering and focus that today's society assaults on every level. Through the insights of Teilhard, Tillich, Jung, Jesus, Carlos Castaneda, and others, Joseph Chilton Pearce provides a mode of thinking through which imagination can escape the mundane shell of current construct reality and leap into a new phase of human evolution.

This enormously popular New Age classic is finally available again to challenge the assumptions of a new generation of readers and help them develop their potential through new creative modes of thinking. With a masterful synthesis of recent discoveries in physics, biology, and psychology, Pearce reveals the extraordinary relationship of mind and reality and nature's blueprint for a self-transcending humanity.

"The Crack in the Cosmic Egg is the Phoenix rising from the ashes."
Alan Watts, author of The Wisdom of Insecurity

"Read and drink deep, slowly savoring this wonderful gift from Joseph Chilton Pearce.  Enjoy your journey into an extraordinary and vital world of insight, intuition, and discovery.  And know that, having read this book, you'll never quite be the same as you were."
Thom Hartmann, author of The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

"He reveals an extraordinary relationship of mind and reality and nature's blueprint for a self-transcending humanity."
The Daily Courier, October 27, 2002

"The Crack in the Cosmic Egg enters into universal creation, cosmic energy, don Juan's teaching, etc., rebuilding and destroying previous beliefs. It gives me hope for sheer intellectual effort to penetrate into the vast reservoir of intuitive knowledge."
John C. Lilly, M.D., author of The Center of the Cyclone

"A document for our time, an impetus to greater becoming."
Jean Houston, author of Jump Time: Shaping Your Future in a World of Radical Change