Not a Word About Love: Contemporary Romance (Women's Fiction)

Romance, Humor

By Hana Goldberg

Publisher : AMAZON

ABOUT Hana Goldberg

Hana Goldberg
Hana Goldberg is a Lifetime Achievement Award winner from Israel's Association of Authors and Composers (ACUM), a bestselling and critically acclaimed Israeli novelist and poet and an A-list lyricist with hundreds of popular songs and many #1 hits. Hana has written many bestselling books a More...



A Bestseller from an Award-Winning Author

After eleven years of marriage, Maya is swept away on a sensual, daring and hilarious journey following a random meeting with a stranger. How far will she be willing to go?

"A brilliant book: witty love story, full of humor and sensuality." Lily Pery, literary editor

"Sharp dialogue and clever metaphors… A tight and elegant plot… A huge bestseller!" Yediot Achronot – largest newspaper in Israel

"Goldberg draws her characters with such precision it feels like you can actually touch them.‎" Women's World‎‎‎


Are you ready to fall in love?


Four women were the inspiration behind Not a Word about Love – four of my closest friends. I hope you enjoy reading this book, at least as much as I enjoyed writing it.

"Pure pleasure. Contemporary, flowing and fluid language. That is the greatness of Goldberg. She draws her characters with such precision it feels like you can actually touch them. I fell in love with the character as she grew and transformed from a spineless creature to a courageous woman. Goldberg's writing style is rich with nuance and humor, and while reading I found myself smiling more than once and laughing out loud up to the point of tears many times.‎
Women's World
"Witty writing, sharp dialogue and clever metaphors. Thrilling from beginning to end‎ without it being at the expense of‎ a tight and elegant plot, with fluent, precise and effective language. A huge bestseller!" 
Yediot Achronot - Largest daily newspaper in Israel
"I can see why this novel has been so popular. It's funny, sensual, frank, and very open. The nightmarish quality of some of the passages, like the jet-ski accident, contrast very well with the sassy humour and the dialogue sounds really natural. I'm really impressed at the quality of the modern idioms in it too. It's very entertaining and I really enjoyed it - sharp observations, and great humour... a cracking read! 
Julie Phelps, literary editor, United Kingdom