WILD AVENGERS: Defenders of the Animal Kingdom

ABOUT Diane Van Der Westhuizen

Diane Van der Westhuizen
I jumped off the office job hamster wheel and started doing what I should've done yeeeeaaars ago - writing! It sure as heck doesn't pay the bills (turns out the world wasn't gagging for my work), but at least I'm finally using what little talent I was given. It's taken years but I'm now p More...



A whale has beached itself on the shores of the River Novus. The world watches, willing her to live, as she struggles to survive. But a dark force wants the whale to die. Morbidius Ultimatum, a diabolical creature who draws his power from humanity’s negative emotions, knows that the whale’s death will generate so much sorrow for him to feed on that he will become invincible. But Morbidius’s plan is thwarted when two children, Chilli, Ty and his three-legged baboon Oubaas are lured into his dark world. Can this trio of friends overcome their fear and stop Morbidius’s Earth Clock before it chimes Zero Hour?

Morbidius Ultimatum’s diabolical hobby is his collection of the last surviving member of each species on earth. But he has become impatient and he is eager to add the last rhino, elephant and human to his collection! Can Chilli and Ty overcome their deepest fear and destroy Morbidius’s Dark Heart before time runs out?

Wonderfully creative. Such an enjoyable read. The imagery used to describe the ongoing threat to our planet will spark imaginations in the generation who will really need to pay attention. Congratulations on a wonderful debut.