A Family in Crisis, "SECRETS"

ABOUT Anthony Dasher

Anthony Dasher
  Anthony Dwayne Dasher Sr, is a ten year army veteran and ordained Deacon who enjoys church and serving God in any capacity available. Writing has been a passion of his for the last seven years, and In his spare time he enjoys reading, watching animal programs, listening to music and wi More...



"BEYOND INCONCEIVABLE” “Secrets” is the unpredictable and tantalizing sequel to “A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa.” Nessa introduced readers to first time author Anthony Dasher’s portrayal of a family that appeared to be living the “American Dream” until the untimely death of father and husband Robert McMillan. All with the exception of 16 year old Vanessa AKA Nessa, who appears to be “running wild and spiraling madly out of control? Is Nessa’s over the top and out of control behavior the result of a child grieving the loss of her beloved father or is there another reason or reasons. Why is she hell bent on unleashing a litany of family secrets that will push her family members, family friends, and particularly her mother Lisa to emotional melt downs and possibly tragic outcomes??? Nessa is rebellious for certain but she is also cunning, wise beyond her years, and a child-woman in the making. In fact, Nessa is clearly not willing to follow in the steps of that old adage” a child’s place “. She sets forth on a quest exposing by any means necessary the lies, half- truths, hypocrisy, and manipulations of her adult role models that unleashes a rollercoaster of events that change the lives of her family and friends forever. “Secrets” reveal, and unpeel the many layers of human behaviors and consequences amongst people that can be relatable and maybe not so far from our own life experiences!! The many characters and their secrets are twisted and their illusions are not what they appear to be.............. “Secrets” disclose Nessa’s baby father’s identity that will stun readers and have them asking can they be happy and will they raise their child together? Was Nessa sexually abused? Is Lisa really a victim or the provocateur of all this drama? Beyond Nessa and her immediate family, Andre Davis, the HIV college basketball superstar boyfriend of Nessa 's sister Anna and his mother Francis bring further reveals that leave one shell shocked, gasping, and in tears . Is Anna HIV positive and more importantly did Andre date rape her? How did Andre get infected as a self-professed virgin? Will Andre achieve his dream to play in the NBA as an HIV infected athlete? And finally, Andre’s mother Francis weaves a tale of lies, deceptions, and hypocrisy that is un-rivaled and will have readers responding “Oh my god and damn “in the same sentence metaphorically. A masterful and compelling second novel to a Quadtrilogy that leaves readers breathless and definitely thirsting for much more, but that’s not where the story ends, while your drying your eyes and catching your breath remember there is a part III. “THE TRUTH”!!! Where “SECRETS” is going to leave you teetering on the ledge, “THE TRUTH” is going to blow you completely off!!! “THE TRUTH” coming the fall of 2015!!!