A Wayward Game: An Erotic Thriller

ABOUT Pandora Witzmann

Pandora Witzmann
Pandora Witzmann was born in London, and is of English, Austrian, Dutch, Portuguese and Jewish descent. She has lived in New York, Amsterdam and Rome, and has degrees in Philosophy and Psychology. She currently lives in West London. She may be contacted at pandorawitzmann@gmail.com.



In a world ruled by money, sex and status, who do you trust?

Eight years ago, Diane Meath-Jones went missing in mysterious circumstances. Since then, rumours and suspicion have dogged her wealthy boyfriend, and a large internet community has sprung up around the search for the truth. But powerful forces seem determined to stop anyone who gets too close to the facts . . .

In a dark room in London a man and a woman meet to play a wayward game: a game that flirts with danger, and in which trust is paramount. But when trust is betrayed and loyalties are twisted, how can anyone’s safety be assured?

A Wayward Game is a fast-paced erotic thriller that takes you on a journey into a world of sex games, BDSM, crime and the internet, and asks: who can you really trust?

This book contains sexually explicit material and adult language. It may be considered offensive to some readers, and should be purchased and read only by adults.