How To Start A Business And Succeed

How To Start A Business And Succeed

ABOUT Kumar Misra

kumar misra
Before you read this book I have something to share about my past experiences and the idea behind writing this book.
Being born and brought up in a middle class family I had a very simple life as other kids. But when I was growing up, I started looking at things around me and wanted  More...



Do you have the dream of being happy, becoming successful, and making a difference in the world? Do you want financial freedom? Did you ever dream about being your own boss and do you want to see yourself as a successful entrepreneur? Perhaps you have an entrepreneur's skills and are planning to start your own business but don't know where to begin? You may have ideas and you may have money but investing blindly without experience and without proper guidance can be a risky affair. This book is packed with practical information and step-by-step guidance on how to get started, how to raise money, how to utilize that money wisely, how to test your ideas, how register your business, and tips on financing, marketing management, accounting, budgeting, goal setting, time management, and profit. This book will unequivocally help you to transform your ideas into a fruitful enterprise while also helping to transform you into a successful businessperson!