Chinese Massage for Infants and Children: Traditional Techniques for Alleviating Colic, Colds, Earaches, and Other Common Childhood Conditions

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By Kyle Cline

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Kyle Cline

Kyle Cline
Kyle Cline, LMT, studied traditional Chinese medicine at colleges and hospitals throughout Asia, including the Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has served as a faculty member at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine for five years. The author of Chinese Massage for I More...



A leading practitioner of Chinese medicine provides a parents' handbook of simple massage plans that can alleviate most common childhood ailments.

• Effective for colic, bedwetting, asthma, colds, coughs, chicken pox, teething, earache, and other conditions.

• Easy-to-use workbook format with 22 illustrated massage plans and step-by-step instruction allows parents to become active caregivers for their children.

For over one thousand years the Chinese have brought comfort, relief, and well-being to their children through a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, system of massage. Now Kyle Cline, a Licensed Massage Therapist trained at Shanghai's prestigious College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, teaches Western parents how to become active caregivers for their children by using Chinese massage techniques to alleviate childhood ailments from the simple (colds, coughs, chicken pox) to the chronic (colic, bedwetting, asthma).

Chinese Massage for Infants and Children grounds parents in the basics of Chinese medicine, then illustrates 9 massage techniques, 63 massage points, and 22 complete massage plans. With additional information on a general health plan for all children and on using Chinese herbal remedies, Chinese Massage for Infants and Children can substantially reduce visits to the pediatrician and use of prescription medicines, while improving the bond between parent and child that is at the heart of good health.

"When one realizes that Chinese medicine has evolved over three to five thousand years and Western allopathic medicine only one hundred years, the former may seem a more logical choice, especially when seeking treatment for those of tender age. This is a gentle book that teaches gentle healing ways--just what we especially want for children."
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