Through The Trees

ABOUT Nina Palmer

Nina Palmer
Nina's childhood home was nestled in Matilija Canyon, a remote area outside of Ojai, CA. Her home was secluded which granted a unique and enchanting place to grow up. It is no wonder that her work is filled with its imagery. Her earliest writings of poetry began as early as eleme More...


A poetic journey through the emotions we endure at the end of a toxic relationship. This book uses nature and metaphor to express each stage of grief. Each chapter a stage, each poem a part of a the journey taking you through denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance.
Written from personal experiences, it truly captures the occurrence of verbal and emotional abuse experienced in a toxic relationship. Whether your loss is a friend, husband or wife, a brother or sister, mother or father, these writings will hit home with all. A truly inspired collection of work. It relates with the heartache of the loss but also uplifts and inspires. This poetry acts as an emotional guide leading you through each stage and leaves you at the end with the courage and strength to move on.

I am a wife, a mother of a 17 month old, expecting number two in March, and a writer. Much of my nature poetry is a reflection of my childhood in CA, I was transplanted to ID as a teen and have remained ever since. I wrote poetry ever since I could I write. I used poetry as a self therapy. I grew up with a mentally ill mother who was very verbally and emotionally abusive. Writing was a way to express myself and to cope with the challenges I faced. I hadn't written poetry in many years, ever since I left home really. When I became pregnant with my son I was very fearful of the parent I would become. I was afraid of repeating the phrases and behaviors of my mother. As so many mothers say "because I said so" just as theirs said to them I was fearful of the things I could repeat. I realized that I still harbored much anger, hurt, and pain from this relationship. Although other toxic relationships followed after I feel my childhood was the root, the beginning, of my uncanny ability to attract toxic people to myself. I decided I had to do something to force a change before my son was born. I decided I should write again. After much self reflection I realized that I may not have allowed myself to fully express and heal from the pains of my past, and if I did I could heal. I could be the mother my son deserved. I so started writing again. Through The Trees is a healing process that follows the five stages of grief. I write mostly in nature metaphor, and unintentionally at first, this book actually follows a plot line. A person becomes lost in the woods, struggles to find their way out, and comes out the other side a changed person. Today, that is what I am, a changed person. I am healed. I have great hope that this book can serve as a guide for others who have the same challenge letting go of their past hurts. I hope that they can make their way out of the woods, finally able to see the forest Through The Trees.

"Palmer's poems depict through natural imagery of rain, sunshine and forests what it is like to live within and then gradually to be able to leave a toxic love relationship.  Palmer's poems radiate wisdom that can guide others along similar routes out of suffering.

The poems in Palmer's [book] are at once immediately accessible and at the same time deeply enlightening.  If you have been or are now involved with someone who has toxic impacts on you, and whether you think of yourself as someone who reads poetry or have never read a poem before, I highly recommend this book." -Psychology Today