Love Letters from God

ABOUT Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin was adopted on December 18, 2009, and became a child of the King.   He has served Me faithfully and was ready to join Me in heaven when he saw the death angel in 2012, but because of the multitude of brethren praying for him, and because he had more to do for Me, I perform More...



I am not dead.  I still speak to people, like I did in the Bible.


As you read My love letters, you will learn how to communicate with Me better.  You will have new understanding of your soul and all of creation.  See for yourself what I have to say and how passionate I am with My words.


I emphatically request that all believers share Me with everyone they come across, to help each and every soul to have ample opportunity to choose between good and evil.


My goal is to bring My faithful closer to Me, and to bring about a revival throughout the world.


The war is almost over, and this is My rallying cry!

On New Year’s Day, 2014, I was watching a documentary that told the story of Amazing Grace, and other hymns that were written long ago. Most, if not all, included a story about the ordeals the author was facing that God helped them to get through. And so it went, that every songwriter wrote the songs quickly and believed that God gave them the words. As I started to watch the movie, words suddenly flooded into my brain that I just had to write down. I thought of it as a song, but the tune didn’t come to me at the time. After a couple of weeks, I wrote again. This time, I wasn’t sure whether it was to be a song or what, but the words came quickly, and I had to write them down. I continued in this way, writing whenever God told me to grab a pen. Usually I would have the first few words or sentence before I sat down to write. On July 8, 2014, I wrote when prompted and the tears ran down my face as I wrote what God later told me was to be chapter 1 of this book that He wanted me to publish. Every time I had a few minutes, I would write what He gave me. This entire book was completed on August 4, 2014.