Speaking Out and Listening In: Words of Enchantment


By Yvonne Jones

Publisher : Little Sepia Books Publishing

ABOUT Yvonne Jones

Yvonne Jones



Awaken to life's most captivating and eternal moments. Explore as you journey to life’s sweetest destinations--love, self-awareness, spirituality, sensuality and more. Witness each destination's unique design, and experience it's yearning to help bridge the gap between one’s physical world and one’s inner universe--the place where desires, imagination and memories reside. It is moments such as these that are intricately woven within this small yet outspoken book of poetic expression. Deep introspection, vivid imagery and gusty interpretation is what you’ll find tucked between the sheets.

I have been writing with purpose for as long as I can remember, since my elementary school days. Only recently did I begin writing with passion, about 12-years ago, which may or may not be "recent" in your book. Oddly, I was hit (it sure felt that way) with a deeper passion for writing, for getting my voice heard. What soon followed my literary beat-down was a revelation--that I loved nothing more than playing with words and that I'd been doing it successfully for employers, charitable organizations, friends, family and even near strangers without really thinking about it. Well...now I think.

"This book has been marvelously written. Its a series of poems that evokes memories and echoes life lessons in a playful, rhythmic, and thought provoking way. It speaks to the mature 

reader." ~Tosha T