Centering: A Guide to Inner Growth

Excerpts & Samples

By Sanders G. Laurie

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Sanders G. Laurie

Sanders G. Laurie
Sanders G. Laurie has practiced and taught this unique and highly effective meditation system for many years. Sanders Laurie also wrote and narrated the audiocassette Centering: Guided Meditations. He lives in New York State.



These meditations were created to accompany Centering, the best-selling guide to a unique system of techniques designed to help you take charge of your destiny and realize your full potential. Meditation helps still the mind, screening out the senses so you can find within yourself the solutions to problems, answers to questions, and alternatives to conflicts. 
Laurie's warm, personal tone creates a calm and inviting atmosphere in which the listener may easily experience the benefits of guided meditation. 
Sanders G. Laurie guides you through three sessions--a 30-minute relaxation session, and two more advanced, healing sessions. 
Used daily, this tape will help you establish a regular meditation practice and help you visualize and manifest dynamic change in your life.

"This audiocassette . . . will help you establish a regular meditation practice and visualize and manifest positive change in your life. Lauries' voice is a calming invitation to experience inner peace: breathe in divine white light, release negativity, and heal. Great for insomniacs."


"Centering is one of the better-generalized inner growth books on the market. The authors cover a variety of topics from meditation and mindfulness through detachment and the concept of time to healing energy and dream work. They've also included several apptitudinal profile tests for self-inquiry purposes."
Dr. Tami Brady, TCM Reviews, Feb 2009