Patchwork People (Patchwork People series Book 2)

Mystery & Thrillers

By Debrah (D.B) Martin

Publisher : I.M. Books

ABOUT Debrah (D.B) Martin

Debrah (D.B) Martin
I would describe myself as the ultimate multi-tasker. Sometimes I even have to remind myself who I am for the day! That’s because I write under three different pen names and in three very different genres. As Debrah Martin I write literary fiction. I also plot fast-paced and compelling  More...



Lawrence Juste is the perfect QC - with the not so perfect past. But with his meddling wife about to be laid to rest and his long term enemy silenced by the threat of exposure as her killer, the judge's mantle is almost round his shoulders. What could possibly go wrong for the brightest star of the courts?


A series of blackmail notes implicating him in murder – together with the ever-present threat of joining the murder victim if he doesn't pacify his blackmailer – keep Juste in suspense to the brink of desperation. No-one is what they appear to be, especially not him. And no sooner does he patch one hole in his fraying life than another appears. It seems it can only end one way; disaster – unless his dead wife can help...

Patchwork People is the 2nd book in the compelling Patchwork People trilogy series of murder, mystery and lethal romance.

In the first of the trilogy, Patchwork Man, Lawrence Juste QC is faced with not only misdeeds from his past, but also an enigma – his recently deceased – wife, who now seems to have been far removed from what he thought her to be. He also, and worryingly, may have committed incest with the sister he never knew, having been separated from the family the day she was born. The product of that union might be Danny, the boy he defended from a charge of manslaughter, and who brings him back into contact with his birth family, including the brother he betrayed whilst in the children’s home, the abusive bully he’s been avoiding ever since and Kat – Danny’s social worker. Kat awakens his frozen emotions, the bully threatens to ruin him and the question of Danny’s parentage hangs over Juste like a guillotine waiting to fall. Patchwork People is the second in the Patchwork trilogy. It opens in the aftermath of Lawrence Juste QC winning his young client’s manslaughter case and temporarily gagging the bully who’s threatened Juste since childhood. There’s an uneasy truce in place between Juste and his recently re-discovered family as his wife’s funeral approaches. It’s a period of calm before the storm – which arrives on the eve of the funeral with a package of ‘evidence’, apparently from a dead women, together with an ominous black edged blackmail card. A slow drip feed of similar items of evidence and clues eventually lead Juste to wonder whether his wife is really dead: ‘I think I cremated someone who wasn’t my wife.’ Juste has to piece together the clues, dodge a potential charge of murder himself after his troublesome sister is found dead in his kitchen and navigate the dangerous waters of determining whether his young client, Danny, is, or isn’t his son. The resolution involves an explosion, a revelation and a resurrection, leaving Juste with a new way forward, but still dodging the misdeeds of the past in order to tread it, but to tell any more would be a spoiler...