Dark Angel (Alpha Angels Series)

ABOUT Levana Hyll

Levana Hyll
The youngest of eight children, Levana was creating stories before she could read or write by folding loose pieces of paper together and drawing pictures. By the time she reached her teens, she was writing romance for her high school friends. She currently lives in sunny south Florida with More...



Ashriel has loved Anniel for over three hundred siglons—a forbidden thing he strives to keep secret…his hell. As the highest-ranking Seraphian high priest, the most feared and revered reaper, he’s sworn to remain chaste. Anniel has a weakness for Seraphs, but having been used and abandoned by one Seraphian male has left her wary. One look at the black-winged Ashriel has her needing to run as fast and as far as she can. Nevertheless, after being tricked into ingesting Liquid X, the most powerful aphrodisiac known in the galaxy, both Anniel and Ashriel fall into temptation, and consummate their desire for one another in a night of crazed lust. Ashriel is shamefully cast from Seraphia, and Anniel is beside herself with guilt at his downfall. Ashriel doesn’t want her pity. He wants her love, but can Anniel ever love him, especially when she realizes he’s the twin of the Seraph who once broke her heart and left her pregnant? Or knowing he’s bent on proving one or more Alpha Angels responsible for the galactic war that almost annihilated all creation?