The Philly Commission

ABOUT Kareem Abdul Rahman

kareem abdul rahman
Jay-r is the king of Philly's crack game. After constantly being harassed by┬áhis kids mother about the life he lives he decides to retire from the game. He puts his money and energy into the rap group he manages. Him and his rap group make music a full-time job. The music takes off quickl More...



Local police labeled them a threat to the safety of the city. The FEDS labeled them a continuing criminal enterprise. People in the street who weren't connected labeled them a group of violent homies or a gang. They were all of the above and much more. They were The Philly Commission and they had their hands in damn near every bit of money(legal and illegal) that came through the city of Philadelphia since 1986!

The Philly Commission was created by Brian "Bird" Kennedy in 1985. He was only 13 years old when he formed The Commission. It was originally created to be just another drug gang, but Bird saw the potential to make much more money by doing more than simply selling drugs. There was plenty more money running around in the streets and he wanted his share of all of it. His plan was to control all of the city, legal and illegal, and stay out of prison while doing it.