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WARNING: This is not your typical Quote Book! It contains 365 of our hundreds of thousands of readers favorite quotes, plus has over 100 beautiful, high quality photographs to inspire you along with the quotes. No more boring repetitious quote books! My collection has hand-picked pictures that beautifully illustrate this wonderful book. It not only contains 365 of our hundreds of thousands of readers favorite quotes, but If you are looking for inspiration and “the secret” into being successful in life, this book is for you. Through time, our team has searched high and low for some of the most inspirational and motivational quotes we could find. Here, I have put them all together for you to browse and read as you see fit. Some days we need some words of wisdom in addressing our place in the world, and other times we need a little encouragement to run our business or our lives. Whatever your case may be, I have compiled a beautiful book for you to use at your discretion for guidance and inspiration. I carefully selected the ten chapters of this book to include motivational quotes from some of the most influential people in the world. Included are sports quotes, quotes on leadership, on life, on excellence and in many other categories. The famous men and women, from whom I selected quotes, range from athletes to politicians, to religious leaders and change agents, all of which have made a tangible impact in life. Unlike other publications, I have taken great care in illustrating this volume so you may not only read, but also clearly picture yourself being encouraged and motivated to lead a life full of optimism, positivity and achievements. Regardless of how your life has turned out and what adversities you have faced, you hold in your hands the choice to follow a path to success or to let the unexpected overpower you. My goal is that the 365 quotes I have put together for you will all be relevant and timely at some point in your life, and that you will refer back to this book for inspiration when you most need it. Rest assured that many of the people you view as successful and as having all they want in life have needed encouragement and motivation at some point. They too, faced the fear of change and the unknown. These inspirational quotes are here for you. They speak to your mind, body and soul to help you achieve the greater things you are destined for in life. Being great is not necessarily about having your name published in the newspaper as a famous businessperson or being recognized as the world’s fastest athlete. Being great is about realizing the potential that lives inside each and everyone one of us, and recognizing and fostering that potential in others. It is about the change you allow within yourself so you may shine and how that reflects upon your relationships with friends, family and associates. It is about being happy with what you have accomplished and sharing that happiness with the world. Unlike many quote books, this special edition is lavished with lovely color pictures that inspire your mind to wander to happy places filled with beauty and wonder, while warming your heart, making it a pleasure to read, and difficult to put down.

As co-owner of All-Famous-Quotes.com, I've come to learn that people relate so much more readily to quotes that have a meaningful, beautiful, color picture along with it to inspire the imagination. Reading daily emails and testimonials from over 100,000 fans around the world, the way these quotes and pictures affect people's lives every day is incredibly inspirational in itself. This particular book has been put together to inspire readers to greater success in their entire life, from leadership, perseverance, confidence and courage, sports and other categories. Each page is beautifully illustrated, in full color, waking up your senses and inspiring your mind. You'll never want to read another boring, black and white quote book again!