Zel (Hell bound)

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Shantaye Brown

Publisher : Shantaye Brown

ABOUT Shantaye Brown

Shantaye Brown
Jamaican 19 year old with a love for the 80’s era and animations that always seem to make her all emotional & whatnot. She's shacked up with a gladiator grandmother, her badass mother and her demonic brother. Being the survivor of birth complications where her twin passed away, S More...



**********Comprehensible Jamaican dialect is widely used throughout the story because the leading female- Zel is half Jamaican********** 

Asher stalked her because there was something about her that was undeniable, she's different and he's drawn to her like nothing else. Only, he never expected what he found.

 Zel makes people's problems go away.. for the right price.She's ruthless and cynical and has no regard for human life but when Asher crosses her path he becomes a problem she couldn't possibly solve as easy as the others.

Asher finds himself in way to deep when everyone he loves is threatened and he has to play the willing captive to keep them alive, while Zel has her own problems; someone wants her dead and they're not shy about it; they both won't be safe until she figures out who.

Secrets unfold, lies are told and sacrifices are made.. Consequences be damned.



They're opposites in every sense of the word but that doesn't stop them from helping each other find out who they really are.