My Musical Journey On Canvas

Arts, Photography & Design

By Amar Singha

Publisher : Amar Singha

ABOUT Amar Singha

Amar Singha
I am an artist has been working in international art world since 1998, but as an author, I am just newcomer, and also would like to say, that I am amateur author. My first book I have published from Amazon, regarding a new conception, mutually related with art and music. Although canvas is More...



This book has written by a famous artist named Amar Singha, who awarded two times in international art world. In this book, he has clearly described the role of some oldest mythological authors behind the creation of a wonderful concept of figurativeness, based on musical rhythm. This unique concept he has found some most oldest mythological books reserved on national library of Calcutta.
He has made a beautiful series of paintings regarding this concept, which are included in this book.

I found some unique concepts mutually related with art and music. Some oldest mythological books I have read in national library, where an unknown author of that period, clearly described the relations between musical rhythms and our mind. He also described an unique figurative idea of those most basic classical rhythms which are very near of our season. I depicted those musical rhythms by following the descriptions and discover the actual relation between musical rhythms and seasons which are usually creates a specific feelings in our body and mind. I described in details about those concept and my feelings in my book very clearly.