The Isle of Cipit (Sons of Mil saga) (Volume 1)

The Isle of Cipit (Sons of Mil saga) (Volume 1)

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Hugo Haro



Deep within a jungle canopy, gnarled fingers brush aside the broad leaves of a ceiba tree. Cavernous eyes watch as captives are forced to dig for buried treasure. Men armed with weapons stand guard, their human stench wafting towards the darkening sky. Anticipation tightens the wrinkles on its ancient face, and an eerie child-like giggle escapes.

Researching legends of supernatural creatures in El Salvador was the perfect way for anthropology student Maggie De La Torre and her friends to spend the summer; the highlight of her trip is an old candy vendor's story of a flesh-eating goblin that resembles the mischievous imp, El Cipitillo. Falling in love at first sight with a tall blond stranger is an added bonus, despite her initial reserve about having a summer fling. Everything about Kiarme attracts her, captures her, and possesses her entire being, until he kills a crew of fishermen and threatens her friends' lives. Maggie soon realizes that the creature she's forced to help him hunt is the same one that terrorized the candy vendor decades before--but it's even more bloodthirsty than the old woman had warned.

Everything was going according to plan; captive miners were extracting the last of the buried treasure, the next phase of their mission was about to commence, and the future was beginning to seem brighter. In one single moment, all hell breaks loose: adrenaline pumps through his veins in torrents as screams of a dozen terrified men propel a mercenary commander onto a dangerous path in a desperate attempt to maintain control. Fueled by the near-fatal incident, unsettled by a confrontation with a creature neither animal nor human, Kiarme is determined to eliminate the threat by any means necessary--even kidnapping American students who may have crucial information. Knowing he'll have to kill Maggie to keep the island and mercenary plans secret, he struggles between loyalty to his men and his ardent need for the beautiful woman who has suddenly stolen his heart.