The Natural Path to Hormonal Wellness, Part 1

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Katarina Nolte
Katarina Nolte, author of "So Long Constipation, Part 1", "100 Steps to a Lean Body", "The Natural Path to Hormonal Wellness, Part 1", "49 Gluten-free Recipes", "50 Gluten-free Recipes" and "51 Gluten-free Recipes".  Blogger. Rev More...


Are you suffering from hormonal imbalance?
Do you feel stressed, tired and out of energy?
Are you worried about environmental estrogens?
Are you looking for natural ways to detoxify and regenerate your mind-body system?
Are you interested in taking charge of your hormonal balance?
Do you see yourself making your own herbal preparations and meals containing hormone balancing nutrients?
Have you ever wondered what our ancestors were consuming to support overall wellness, libido and longevity?

If the above applies to you, read The Natural Path to Hormonal Wellness, Part 1 and get started!


1. How to make 15 different herbal preparations;
2. Where the most popular 23 hormone balancing herbs come from;
3. What they are used for traditionally and otherwise;
4. Which types of nutrients they contain;
5. Their commercial availability;
6. The most effective ways to consume them;

& Discover 5 additional hormone balancing nutrients and their uses and sources.

Three of the most common health issues affecting people today are fat gain, digestive issues and hormonal imbalances, all of which are diseases of civilization and each of which can be the cause of the other.