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Mark Pracy
Hello Everyone..
I have enjoyed creating fable maker, perhaps its a reflection of the way life is now, and for the future. To avoid this impending Doom of humanity and life as we know it, there will need to be a radical quick fire change in the Worlds Government systems, as well as o More...




A life less significant perhaps? but a life very much significant in fact in knowing what you really want, and finding out who you really are in the end. The unnatural against the natural, the arrogant and rude against the kind and polite, and the battle of life continues.
For most the educational establishments teaching you how to make a living, but never teaching or showing you how to live properly.

The University of life is not always an easy path or a prosperous one, but is the conventional establishments easy to deal with and to live by?
The great status quo wealth divide, rich man, poor man. The Governments and systems around the world manipulating people, the world economic down turn, living in a poor economy, a recession, forcing and pushing one to the edge of existence. Bail out plans, pumping billions of dollars back into the system, just like putting a bandage on something that's not going to heal.
So do we, and including the Governments really all need to learn how to live and love again?

This God, that God, they are all Money Gods, helpful in some respects, but confusing and quite a few misinterpretations, in many other aspects.
As they say, no one can ever hear you scream in cyber space.

FABLE MAKER- A Collection of Short Stories,Facts and Facets, and Abstract Writing.