Two Can Play That Game

ABOUT J.L. Sapphire

J.L. Sapphire
Joyce Thomas, writes under a pen name J.L. Sapphire and is a self published author who has written two novellas and is working on full length novel. Her passion for reading and writing began in middle school and it's how she enjoys spending her free time when not working at her outside job More...



Mya is a hopeless romantic and she plans to make someone the perfect wife one day. But after countless breakups and meaningless one night stands, she's given up on hope of finding love and is sure she will grow old alone.

Then she meets Gavin. Gavin is sexy, ricj, and drives her crazy in bed, but it's his brother, Derek that Mya dreams about at night. Torn between the two brothers she knows she has to make a choice, but eventually she takes her best friend's advice and decide to date both brothers, after all men date more than one woman at a time, so why can't she.

Mya is having fun playing the game and playing the field. But when playing the game of love, you have to be willing to lose because someone is always bound to get hurt and the consequences can be deadly.