The King's Redress (The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam) (Volume 3)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Devorah Fox

Publisher : Mike Byrnes and Associates, Inc.

ABOUT Devorah Fox

Devorah Fox
Winner of four National Novel Writing Month marathons, Devorah Fox has written for television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet. Publisher and editor of the BUMPERTOBUMPER® books for commercial motor vehicle drivers, she is also developer of the Easy CDL apps for the iPhone  More...



Dragon slayer of renown, Robin, King Bewilliam, has bested both man and beast to battle his way back to the Chalklands and reunite with his sons. In Book Three of "The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam," discord threatens the kingdom’s hard-won peace and prosperity. When war breaks out, Robin finds that there is no one he can trust, not even his closest knights. Fighting for his throne pits him against a shocking, unsuspected rival. With his own life and lives of all his imperiled subjects at stake, Robin faces off against his fiercest enemy in mortal combat.

No sooner was "The King's Ransom," Book Two of "The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam" released than the king's fans clamored for more adventures. Indeed, King Bewilliam may have thought that he finally had his life put back together but he was mistaken. In "The King's Redress" he finds out just how badly mistaken he was.

Just like an arrow when it is drawn backward can’t know the target when it is launched, it still flies true. In the third book of the series, Devorah Fox hit a bull’s-eye. From his initial setback, our good king has flown true as well. Although not the same king who found himself in a cow pasture a while back, his epic fantasy comes to an exciting climax drawing on all that came before … and lies ahead. — Mike Green

A father's job is never done, nor is a king's. And though King Bewilliam has fought to reclaim his throne, his struggles are just beginning. With no suitable heir, all his efforts and achievements are threatened in this fabulous high fantasy read. — Samantha LaFantasie, author of the Nepherium series