Seven day hell

Mystery & Thrillers

By John Marshall

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Seven day hell

ABOUT John Marshall

John Marshall
I'm a Scottish writer who has had two books published.ive published a kids book called Crabby a Family of Crabby Cove.ive had a thriller called Seven Day Hell.



Set in the first half of the twentieth century, Seven Day Hell is about a group of friends going on a camping holiday. Before long things start to go wrong, when the friends are ruthlessly hunted by a psychopath. One by one, the friends disappear much to the dismay of the friends that remain. They are fighting for their very existence. They long for the week's holiday to end, as there is no one else arriving till then. Until then, there's nobody to help them...

I started writing this book in my head when I was around nine years old,I never had the confidence to write it on paper,till a couple of years ago I decided to just give it a try to see how it went.surprisingly it went ok,a couple of weeks later I had written the whole book.