A Safe Haven: Flower from Castile Trilogy Book Three

ABOUT Lilian Gafni

Lilian Gafni
Lilian Gafni was born in Cairo, Egypt and attended the all-girls, non-denominational, French Catholic School of St. Vincent de Paul. While growing up, Lilian spoke Ladino (a mixture of Castilian Spanish and Hebrew words), a language spoken by Spanish Jews after their expulsion from Spain i More...



The years are 1494-1496. The third book concludes the exciting trilogy of Flower from Castile where Isabella continues her search for Miguel, despite the truth that he has met his death on the pirate ship. Columbus’s promise to find gold in large quantities for the Spanish crown has become elusive, sifting as sand through his fingers. The refugees from Castile’s, previous, 1492-forced exile are now faced with a new threat—Portugal has promised the Spaniard Monarchs to expel all non-Christians from their lands. The imperative call to the Jewish refugees is to find immediately a safe haven away from the Inquisition. Read the shocking conclusion as the secret to their origins is revealed amid the drama of an impending exodus.