Real Love


By Aileen Michaels

Publisher : Enchantment Press

ABOUT Aileen Michaels

Aileen Michaels


Aileen Michaels was born in Owensboro, Kentucky but is a Hoosier at heart having moved to Indiana when she was a toddler. Michaels started writing when she was an adolescent and put her passion for the written word aside upon entering the workforce. Now after working as an Administrative Assistant for over 20 plus years, Aileen rekindled her dream of becoming a published author. Drawing upon her own keen observations and experiences, Michaels writes from her heart in prose that are as deceptively earthy and commonplace as her characters. In her first novel, Real Love, any veteran of affairs of the heart will easily relate to the tapestry of romance and interfamily conflicts spread throughout the storyline. Protagonist Lillie Baker has grown up feeling the sheltering love of her parents. Now that Lillie has come of age, will she be able to find a man who embodies both the familial love she has grown up with and the erotic romantic love her heart so desires? Love is cultivated in the most surprising of places as Lillie continually evolves and pushes the boundaries of her budding femininity. Will Lillie become lost in her early romantic triumphs or will the misfortunes of our heroine’s life quash her spirit? Any woman who has fought to retain her identity in the midst of passion and disaster will accept Real Love for the timeless story it represents. Real Love makes no excuse for the graphically steamy portrayal of Lillie’s sexuality, but instead the book invites you to share in its secret pleasures as you conjure up memories of your youthful dalliances. Those prone to blushing may wish to read something more tame. However, for those stout of heart enough to ask the question, “what is real love”, this novel’s treasures will leave one contemplating that simple question’s meaning for weeks to come.