Eternity Can Wait

ABOUT Paula Bell

Paula Bell
I’d like to introduce my book “Eternity can wait”. This is a young adult paranormal romance: the story of an eighteen-year-old girl, Jenny, who goes on an adventurous journey that will change her life forever. She meets the mysterious and handsome man, Christian, who saves her life  More...



Jilted by her boyfriend and abandoned by her best friend, Jenny’s summer is shaping up to be a complete disaster. Even her college plans have been wrecked by her ex-boyfriend and the blonde cheerleader he dumped her for. Jenny is facing the prospect of not only a miserable summer, but also a long and unexpected gap year alone.
The only thing that gets her off the sofa and out of the house is the thought of visiting her aunt, and meeting up with some old friends out of town.
Jenny’s journey doesn’t run smoothly. With her car abandoned at the roadside in the middle of nowhere, she faces a choice. Does she head back home, or should she take a risk and continue on foot through the notorious woods she’s grown up hearing so many eerie stories about?
A mysterious stranger steps in to help her. When Jenny finds out who, and what he really is, nothing will ever be the same for her again.