The Relationship Triangle: The 3 most important things in any relationship and how they are connected

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Neil Allan
~~Neil Allan is a 42 year old professional at a Fortune 500 firm living on the West Coast. He is very close with his family and friends and is very lucky that the majority of them all live very close. He studied Psychology in college but ultimately opted for Marketing as it was more in lin More...



Our relationships whether romance, family, friend, or work connection are very important to us, they often define a large part of our happiness…

When we begin a new relationship, whether a romantic one or a friendly one, it starts out great. We click right from the start, we have a connection. Then something begins to change. The longer we are together, the more we seem to drift apart. Things deteriorate before we realize what is happening. We start to question ourselves. What did I do wrong? What is love? What is wrong with me? What is wrong with him (or her?) In short, what happened to something that held so much promise? Whenever things go awry in a new relationship we are left somewhat bewildered. Emotions run havoc within us. Worse yet, we ask where did I go wrong in thinking this person was someone I wanted to be with for a lifetime.
This book will answer these questions and doubts about your marriage, your relationships, your family, your love life, your friendships. It will teach you the building blocks needed to form positive and lasting relationships, with family, friends, your love, or your romantic connections. You will learn to focus on the right things to create solid relationships throughout your life that will endure. I will show you the tools needed to understand past and present relationships. You will learn what it takes to make the ebb and flow of your connections work between you and the other person. It takes tools to build anything. It takes these specific tools I present to build a solid relationship. You will learn to use these implements in the right way by taking your marriage, dating life, family or friends and breaking them down into fundamental building blocks. As a result it will be clear to you where extra effort is needed in order to continue the completion of your connections that will result in the goal you crave.

Throughout the last twenty-five years I have studied in depth how relationships work for the better or as it sometimes happens, for the worse. Since High School, I have listened to friends who expressed relationship issues. It has been my conclusion that relationships are based solely on something I’ve come to know as the Relationship Triangle. In discovering this concept I often advised my friends on how to correct broken parts of their relationships and how to strengthen the triangle if they wanted to save them. As time passed I found I repeated the idea of the Relationship Triangle over and over. In doing this, I discovered that the concept applied not only to couples but in all relationships. This included interactions between family members, co-workers as well as business relationships. Once this realization hit me I knew one day I would write a book that concentrated on the Relationship Triangle. After all of these years of helping friends and family sort their concerns and issues in regard to relationships, that day has arrived for me to spread to others what I have learned beyond helping acquaintances.