Lured In (Dark Paradise, #1)


By V. R. Avent

Publisher : V. R. Avent

ABOUT V. R. Avent

V. R. Avent
A native Washingtonian, V. R. lives in Washington, DC, with her beautiful daughter, Zréa. V. R. loves spending time with her daughter, cooking, and having a blast. Once Zréa is asleep, V. R. is busy at work, writing erotic romance dramas.



Abigail's dark and complex past brings to the surface a lot of mental and emotional barriers. This discourages her from trusting men and enjoying life, which includes going out with friends, meeting new people, and dating—and she hasn’t had sex in more than three years. That is until she meets Zach, an affluent businessman, who gives Abi a real taste of the darkness. Abi finds herself in a dark paradise with Zach, lusting and devouring every erotic moment, with some bumps and bruises along the way.

Reviewed by Natasha Jackson for Readers' Favorite

Abigail 'Abi' Winterfield has a lot of baggage that V.R. Avent releases slowly over the course of the novel, but we know from the beginning that it is very heavy baggage that she's carried around for most of her life. When we meet Abi in Lured In, she has finally begun making some progress towards happiness and, as these things go, she meets Mr. Sexy, also known as Zach. They both have their demons and that makes their coming together more than a little tumultuous, with constant ups and downs, arguments, and reconciliations. Throw in a little additional drama from their respective exes and it's a wonder they even have time to fall in love.

Lured In has moments of greatness within it but it is also packed to the brim with a lot of unnecessary drama. Taylor and Gabe, Abi and Zach's former flames are doing their best to ruin relationships that they themselves ruined in the first place. Then throw in Abi's unsupportive family and her pathological submissiveness and I'm surprised the poor woman isn't in a sanitarium. V.R. Avent does present an intriguing story filled with sensuous sex scenes and raw emotions that make you wonder exactly what will happen next. Thankfully, Abi has the amazing character known as her best friend, Carmen. Carmen has been there for Abigail since they were children and she's finally getting her love life right with her on-again off-again love and Zach's friend, Matt.

My only wish for Lured In is that it would tell the story of Zach and Abigail in one story because their story feels unresolved. Thank goodness their journey is enough to keep you invested!