What's Lost in the Dark (Dark Paradise, #2)


By V. R. Avent

Publisher : V. R. Avent

ABOUT V. R. Avent

V. R. Avent
A native Washingtonian, V. R. lives in Washington, DC, with her beautiful daughter, Zréa. V. R. loves spending time with her daughter, cooking, and having a blast. Once Zréa is asleep, V. R. is busy at work, writing erotic romance dramas.



Now that Abigail has been lured into a dark paradise, she wants to feast on sweet darkness while fulfilling and exploring her fantasies. But Taylor, Zach's ex, isn't backing down, and neither will Abigail's past. With Taylor's aggressive tendencies jeopardizing their relationship, and Abigail's past surfacing, what will become of Zach and Abi?

Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

What's Lost in the Dark by V.R. Avent is an erotic romance story about two people so completely in love but their pasts always keep getting in the way. Abigail and Zach had just started dating, but they were completely in love; they did not need more time to know that their love for each other was true. Each of them, however, has a past that just won't stay in the past. Abigail suffered sexual abuse and this messed her up, but what messed her up even more was the fact that her family did not believe her. Zach, on the other hand, has a few dark secrets of his own, plus an ex that just won't get out of his life. They are barely two months into the relationship, with exes still roaming in the background, and dark and twisted pasts. As if that is not enough, more drama just keeps flowing into their lives, plus a surprise they both did not see coming.

What's Lost in the Dark is a beautiful, erotic romance story about a couple struggling to reconcile their pasts so they can have a chance at a happy ever after. The main character of the story, Abigail, is a sweet girl who I could not help but fall in love with, sympathize with, and relate with throughout the story as she struggled to deal with all that had happened to her and the betrayal of her family when they refused to believe her. V.R. Avent created courageous and admirable characters that were willing to do their best to reconcile the past so they could move on with their future. The book strikes just the right balance between erotic romance and drama to create an enticing and captivating story.