A Journey Within:Becoming Better Mind Body And Spirit: Companion Journal Weeks 1-26

A Journey Within:Becoming Better Mind Body And Spirit: Companion Journal Weeks 1-26

ABOUT Dr.Yeremiyah Ben Yisrael MD(AM),Ph.D

Dr.Yeremiyah Ben Yisrael MD(AM),Ph.D
Dr. Yeremiyah Ben Yisrael M.D. (A.M.), Ph.D is a board-certified Naturopathic doctor specializing in the treatment of various chronic illness. He has earned his Naturopathic doctorate M.D. (A.M.) from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (Internationally Recognized Legally Constituted More...



The Perfect companion to the Best selling Book “A Journey Within: Becoming Better Mind Body & Spirit” Features include affirmations and quotes taken from the book, Plus space to record your personal reflections, meditation times and feelings, A food log and health goals. With this book you will discover the intimate journey and the personal development that is possible thought the daily practice of journal writing Journaling is a way of tracking the development of our consciousness. This enables us to not only record our Journey to becoming better but also to write down our Goals and our Plans on how to reach those goals. Write down what you want to change about yourself affirmatively in the present tense. For example: “ I am developing a deeper understanding of myself and the ability to make important decisions easily.” These type of things will result in changes in your mindset which can ONLY lead to major changes in your life. Journaling is a very powerful tool which assists us in recording our thoughts, emotions, feelings and aspirations Journal, as the name implies, leads us on a journey which helps us to reveal our true selves. We are not simply writing in a diary. With a Journal, we are going beyond simply recording what “happens” in our lives to a process of transformation into our highest state of ourselves. Your journal helps you to discover your higher purpose going from the person you are now to create the person you truly wish to be. By combining the tool of journaling with the other tools that have been outlined in the book, you will reveal the real you .