Runaway Clothes

Children's Books

By Mrs.D. Olga Dagostino

Publisher : MrsDBooks LLC

ABOUT Mrs.D. Olga Dagostino

Mrs.D. Olga Dagostino
Mrs. D. (Olga D’Agostino), award-winnig children's author, grew up in western Ukraine as the daughter of a forest ranger. Inspired by the beauty of nature, she loved to write stories and poems in her native language and dreamed of becoming a writer. She finished Lviv business college and More...



Honored for Excellence by the Mom's Choice Awards

An enlightening story about a little girl named Nika who didn’t want to take care of her clothes and toys. One hazy morning when Nika opened her closet, she discovered that it was empty. Her clothes had disappeared! What had happened to her shirts and pants? Where did her favorite dresses, coats, and socks go? Why did they leave her with just her pajamas on this misty morning? Will they come back? Taking a closer look at her room, Nika starts thinking about her attitude toward her clothes and toys. “How easy it is to lose something you love so much.” She learns an important lesson at the end of this story. Watch your children have a blast reading this story while learning valuable lessons.

Often, children learn lessons when we least expect them. That was what happened to my young heroine in my multi-award-winning children’s book Runaway Clothes. This book was based on an event that happened in my home many years ago.

Runaway Clothes by Mrs. D is full of delightful imagery. The words flow in such a fanciful way that children are sure to be immediately engaged and pulled into the story. Its endearing quality teaches young ones the importance of taking care of their valued belongings in such a way that they will not realize they are learning a lesson in the proper care of one's possessions. Excellently executed!

If the colorful writing does not yet engage the youngest of readers, the beautiful illustrations are guaranteed to catch their attention! I believe this book will delight children of all ages. The youngest will be drawn in by the vivid pictures while the older ones will become lost within the lovely descriptive words. They will feel the child's anguish at the loss of her runaway clothes, and later her joy, as she is reunited with them.

It is sometimes difficult for me to leave a review and judge someone's work, but this author made it an incredibly easy process for me. Beautiful storytelling, Mrs. D! I am sure it will be treasured by the many children lucky enough to get lost within its pages.