Stories of Earth: WWIII

ABOUT Dimitrious Charles

Dimitrious Charles
Dimitrious, author of Stories of Earth: WWIII - published when he was seventeen - from Cambewarra, New South Wales, is not only hoping to study engineering and law, but also takes interest in all manner of things from international politics to Doctor Who, in order to find inspiration for f More...



Awakening as the only survivors from an explosion that kills thousands, with strange cybernetic attachments and experiencing premonitions and visions, five teenagers are in a world that thinks they are dead but is also ensuring their survival. While under pursuit from the rest of the nation, they must figure out who is orchestrating their lives, but under the guidance of a force that helps them one minute yet tries to kill them the next, they uncover a secret that will tear the world apart.

Why are there so many coincidences? What part does a US Antarctic base play? Why are people so complacent? Who could be controlling the minds of millions of people and how?

Someone is trying to start WWIII – and the end of the world as we know it.

Humanity is in trouble-I think that's what inspired this book. However, we do have to ask ourselves... how far would we go to save ourselves: From Us? From a cold winter's night, comes a war with a uniquely Australian twist!

"It is one of those books that almost morphs into an addiction. I physically can't put it down for more than a few minutes."

"Oh, to have been able to write with this flair and sophistication when I was seventeen!"

"Omg it's brilliant"