Sphinx Transformed (The Sphinx Warriors Series #3)

ABOUT Christine Murphy

Christine Murphy
Christine Murphy is a romance writer focusing on the paranormal romance arena. She is an active member of the Romance Writer's of America (RWA). She is the creator of The Sphinx Warriors Series, The Midnight Riders Series, and The Wild Clan Sagas. Traveling throughout the United States an More...



Kidnapped by the evil Wraith from her family and friends, Alexandria is tortured and genetically altered by Turin to become one of his deadly weapons of destruction. Her lifelong protector, Joshua, blames himself for her disappearance and is crushed by her loss. He will stop at nothing to bring her back where she belongs - with him. When she does return, she is physically and mentally altered and only he can truly reach her with his love and their ever stronger growing relationship. With Joshua’s gentle love and support, Alexandria’s mind clears and she is more than determined to find a way to overcome the genetic mutation she has become. Alexandria must find a way to heal herself and destroy the other mutated Wraith if there is any way for her to finally be with the one Warrior she truly loves. With the Powers of the Warriors dwindling, the collapse of Stormy, their Power Keeper, and a deadly mutated Wraith on the loose, Alexandria has no choice but to inject herself with the untested anti-gene. Not only does she survive, but her genetics are purified and enhanced. With her recovery, Joshua’s inner Sphinx now recognizes its Mate and is on fire for her, and Alexandria is more than willing to Join with him.

Reader Alert!: Joshua and Alexandria have been close for years, but with her return, Joshua wants to take it to the next level, and the physical attraction shoots off the scales. With the unique traits inserted into Alexandria’s DNA, her sexual drive will make her aggressive and Joshua is more than willing to give in. Her very purr can bring him over the edge of his control and he in turn will bring her to heights of ecstasy even in Sphinx fashion on all fours. Enjoy!

To My Readers: Come join me once again in the domain of the Sphinx Warriors, protectors of the Earth, and the women who bring out their need, passion and love, giving them purpose beyond their destined role as Warrior. The sizzling third book in the Sphinx Warrior Series dives right into the action shortly after Alexandria has been taken from her Sphinx family for Turin’s evil plans. Joshua is beside himself and determined to get her back, realizing she has been more to him than just the Sphinx Leader’s sister he’s protected since becoming a Sphinx Warrior. Once Alexandria is recovered, he will not stop until she is his no matter what she has become. Of course, Alexandria has loved Joshua all her life and has always wanted to be his. Please join me in the next chapter in the world of the Sphinx Warriors, Sphinx Transformed, where Joshua and Alexandria will fight for their lives, their love,and the never ending battle against an enemy that seeks to destroy them. Their skills as a Healer, a Warrior, and Sphinx will be a deadly combination against the Wraith. Be a part of their dedication and love and delve into the world of the Sphinx Warrior.