Just One More Time - A Love Story

Romance, Humor, General Fiction

By Fawzia Begum

Publisher : Fawzia Begum

Just One More Time - A Love Story

ABOUT Fawzia Begum

Fawzia Begum
I enjoy reading and writing about love, technology, travel and music amongst my many interests. I am also a voracious reader of spirituality and personal development. I feel, my literary strength emanates from a rich cultural and political upbringing in my home country. From early childhoo More...



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At sixty-two, chairman and CEO and the founder of a successful software firm, Vijay Verma is a handsome, elegant, and physically fit gentleman. Seemingly having no time for poetry or sappy romance, he chose to dedicate his daily life to the perfection of his work, and to the success of his business. But the tragic loss of his beloved wife, Radha, devastated his world to its core. He's faced a brutal period in his life, as a grieving widower and single father of two children.

Now, ten years later, Vijay has rejoined the dance of love, and has found joy, as well as fear, in the form of the beautiful and professional Madhuri Banerjee. This woman, vibrant, intelligent, and modern, (and thirty years Vijay's junior,) puts her suitor on edge:

Will he be able to handle raising the new children that Madhuri desires?

How can he justly measure the value of this new lover compared to his old one?

Is he even ready to love again?

As he looks up at the wondrous stars in the sky, and sips his wine, Vijay does his best to ward off the conflicting thoughts and worries that intrude from a dark corner of his mind. He nearly lost Madhuri recently, to her own ex-lover, and to death. But tonight is Vijay's night, their night, and he has big plans for this special couple's evening.

I just wanted to write a feel good love story with sweet romance, poetry, and music, where relationships are sweet and people are basically decent. I wrote this with an intention of it being made into a motion picture in India. I had chosen the main actors and while writing the book, I held movie scenes in my mind's eye. The process really helped me be inside the story, become the characters myself, and actually be at the locations in the exotic city of Mumbai, India.