Aromaterapia: El olor y la psique: Utilización de los aceites esenciales para el bienestar físico y emocional

Excerpts & Samples

By Peter Damian

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Peter Damian

Peter Damian
Peter and Kate Damian are owners of Windrose Aromatics, Inc., a supplier of pure essential oils and aromatic body care products. Together they run the Windrose Workshops, offering international training in practical and theoretical applications of essential oils. They live in Phoenix, Arizona.



Aromatic oils have been used for thousands of years not only for their fragrance but for culinary, therapeutic, ritual, and spiritual purposes. More than a fashionable trend, aromatherapy is coming into its own as a body of knowledge and practice with specific applications that have a solid scientific base. Drawing on research and clinical studies, Peter and Kate Damian look at many applications from treating viral infections with garlic or black pepper oil to using rose oil to relax patients undergoing chemotherapy; from aromatic massage to the "environmental fragrancing" of subways and supermarkets. 


• How scent interacts with emotion, memory, mental acuity, and sleep

• Why specific scents are so effective in therapeutic and ritual settings

• Antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of essential oils

• How men and women differ in their responses to odors

• Provides a thorough exposition of the ancient practice of aromatics in China, India, Persia, and Egypt

• Details our modern scientific understanding of the physiology and psychology of scent. 

• Includes annotated profiles for forty-four essential oils and specific instructions for creating essential oil blends. 

"With the increasing interest in aromatherapy and flurry of books coming out, it is refreshing to see an in depth approach to its effects on the mind and emotions. It is a pleasure to see such a well written and well researched book."
The American Herb Association