The Black Hand Gang

ABOUT David Edwards

David Edwards
No.1 bestselling author, my moral crusade is to encourage kids to read, not multitask on a PC, TV and mobile. So I decided to give away my children's book with a free electronic game to entice kids to follow through from the game to the book. All interlinked with Facebook as the plot is b More...



4 friends play a new game on Facebook called world domination. But the secret intelligence services believe that the evil Madam Musseine, MM, is using the game to control the world’s stock markets. They are are recruited by MI6 and the CIA to join MM’s neural network of 100 youngsters in her hideout under Mount Kilimanjaro. Objective - stop MM’s evil plans and save the world.

No.1 bestselling author, David Edwards, has created an adventure story for 9 - 14 year olds that combines action and pace with technology and social networking in an epic adventure.

About the Author

The media branded him the ‘Riches to rags’ author under his pseudonym of Jack George Edmunson. He gave up his high-flying job, family and material wealth to pursue his writing career full time in 2007.
Whilst travelling around the UK in a caravan in 2010, he received enormous attention from the BBC and regional newspapers, even Chat magazine, entranced by the millionaire who gave up everything to become an author and ended up with £173 in the bank and his caravan. “ I lost everything, my homes, my wife and even my son – now I want him back…’

The Sun Sharer was the first self-published book to make it to no. 1. A controversial and shocking tale about modern life. This was swiftly followed by the sequel, A Path Too Long.

In March 2012, The Ebb & Flow, went to no. 59 in the charts. This historical fiction book tells how the English bought North Wales in Georgian times but The Welsh fought back.

David now commutes between his cottage in Anglesey and chalet in Switzerland.

Latest projects are Something to tell You, a man who talks to flowers and The Prisoner of Chillon based on Lord Byron’s poem.