Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance

By K.R. Wilburn

Publisher : Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly

ABOUT K.R. Wilburn

K.R. Wilburn
KR Wilburn has traveled the world with her family but currently calls Fairbanks Alaska home. When she isn't writing about the creatures that intrigued her Irish ancestors, she is busy studying nutrition science and reading everything she can get her hands on. She's a fan of Supernatural an More...



All  college freshman Cassie Marshall has ever wanted was to be brave enough to find her own place in the world without her friends or family choosing for her. When she wakes up on her nineteenth birthday in a parallel world she feels she may have finally glimpsed her true purpose. She is a Changeling with the ability to pass through the Dreaming and into the Otherworld. Now she has one year to decide whether to forsake her destiny and remain a mortal, or to sever her ties to become an immortal Fae, standing guard over the dreams of sleeping humans.

When other changelings go missing, whispers of a dark and shadowy threat begin to spread through the Fae courts. There is an Erlking, an elf twisted by thousands of years trapped in the mortal world, hunting down the changelings where the Fae can’t protect them and draining the magic from their souls. Cassie is thrown into a race against time to decide what she wants most before it finds her and devours her soul, taking away her choices for good

 I loved reading about Cassie and the decision that she has a year to make and the twist that changes everything. This book was great, strong writing, well-developed characters and a VERY interesting plot! I can’t wait to read more!-- Inger Iversen, best selling author of the Few are Angels Series