Evil Reign


By Kaelin Murphy

Publisher : Fleek Books

ABOUT Kaelin Murphy

Kaelin Murphy
  Kaelin C. Murphy was born and raised in Maine, and grew up hearing stories passed down from generation to generation about ghosts, hauntings, demons, and witchcraft. Her family's strong, spiritual beliefs were instilled in her at an early age, defining the lines between good and evil.  More...



       While the city of Salem sleeps, a horde of satanic worshipers gather to celebrate the Witches' Sabbath. During the festival Satan plants his seed for upcoming destruction. The Salem Witch trials serve him well as a distraction so that his chosen few are able to flee Salem to carry out his plan for all of mankind. Through the Inheritance Ritual, members of a coven take on the powers of each sacrificed member until only two remain. They are sealed up in a pit and await their master to call them forth to unleash his prince upon the world. 
                Over 300 years later, Peter Amado, a spiritual man and gifted paranormal investigator, begins to have visions that lure him to do battle with the forces of darkness. The demons he faces put his life and soul in jeopardy, as well as those that assist him. 
                Evil Reign takes you on a journey into the past and sets the ground work for a diabolical future. Satan has great power, though God has the greater. They battle for souls to fill their kingdoms.
Nothing is impossible!

I first started writing for the sole purpose of entertaining my little brother, who was three years younger than me. Back then Mary and Sarah Deven were the star attractions in "The Shrilling Scream of a Witch." It was an never ending saga of thrills and chills that kept my brother interested for some time. Then, as often does, life took over and "The Shrilling Scream of a Witch" became a distant echo. It still tugged at me though,over the years, until at last "Evil Reign" was born, resurrecting Mary and Sarah Deven and breathing life into a few other characters, which I hope will be with us for some time to come.

By Sonja Robinson on June 11, 2014
This type of book is not my normal read, but I am so glad that I did! The author is very descriptive and you start to really imagine what is going on in the pages, so much so that I found myself reading for hours not wanting to put the book down. I will definitely recommend this book to people who like an easy read and want to be entertained with a very adventurous storyline between good and evil. I look forward to reading more from Kaelin C Murphy.


Unlike previous reviewers, this book it EXACTLY the type of book I usually look for. I love the horror/suspense/occult genre. This book, which I hope is the first of a series, was gripping from the first page. The characters were so well built that I really cared about them as people. They were real. They didn't do things that I wouldn't expect a normal person to do, which so many other books do, simply to move the plot along. It's obvious that the author must have done a fair amount of research into the occult, as everything written seemed in line with actual historical events and/or lore. I would definitely recommend this book to fans of Stephen King and his ilk. And, even if you're not usually into this type of book, I'd give this one a try. It just may be the one to change your mind on the genre!


By Lea Hardin on June 20, 2014
Definitely must read!!! Great story cant wait for another by this author. Would definitely recommend reading this book. Really hope there will be a second.


…Guaranteed to not want to put book down once you start reading it…