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Leandra Gooden
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She gave up on God and left the church. For years, Ratundra Evans sat on the front row of Cardinal Chapel Church alongside her mother, Evangeline, the church secretary. Cardinal Chapel Church is led by popular Christian televangelist, Pastor Nathan Hackler. Summer is almost over, and Ratundra spends long nights working at Utopia Garden Hotel located on the boardwalk of Adams Ale Beach. As she prepares to leave for college in the fall with her best friend, Camden Lutzer, Ratundra is forced to rethink her plans when she finds out that she is pregnant. Ratundra does her best to cope with her dilemma while trying to keep it a secret. A haunting spirit refuses to leave Ratundra alone, making it difficult for her to deal with the guilt of her unwed pregnancy. Ratundra turns to Pastor Hackler for help. He threatens her life and tells her to get an abortion, after finding out the baby is his.

"I give Heathen five stars. I was very excited reading it; anticipating and wondering what journey the author, Leandra, was going to take us next. Frustrated over the ending, as the author left me craving for more. I cannot wait to see where part two will lead the readers."


~Pauline Jackson



"The book "Heathen" by author Leandra Gooden was a very good read with twisting turns for the plot. I enjoyed reading the book which I read in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. I was looking for the next twist; Looking forward to reading her next piece of work."


~Tom Hill



"Leandra Gooden is an exciting and note worthy emerging new voice in Christian Literature. Her work merits consideration as being among the best in the genre. I am excited and anticipative of what page-turners she may produce next as she continues to progress as an author and artist."


~William Wilson


"Heathen was very provocative, riveting, and suspenseful. It kept me on my toes. I couldn't stop turning the pages to find the ending of this profound thriller. It had a great depiction of the characters from physical to internal on how each character thinks. If you like mystery, suspense, passion, and God, this is the book for you! I'm looking forward to seeing more publishings from author, Leandra Gooden. "


~Duwan "Skky" Dobson



"Heathen by Leandra Gooden was absolutely intriguing! This book was a page-turner. I sat on the edge of my seat the entire time reading it. Leandra did a wonderful job capturing her audience with drama, and the realness of each character. I'm anticipating in finding out what happens next!"


~Fatimah Smith



"Debut author, Leandra Gooden, has written a spicy tale of scandal, betrayal, and triumph with an ending that will definitely leave you speechless. The characters and storyline are well developed, and the twists will have your mind racing to keep up! Anyone who loves fictional drama will find this a great read."


~Keisha Carr



" Heathen is an awesome novel. Leandra put-her-foot into this one, and this is only her first novel. This was honestly the first time I have read a whole novel since my college years. I can't wait for part-two to be released!"


~Jamal Dorn