El ajo: Un remedio natural

Excerpts & Samples

By Stephen Fulder

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Stephen Fulder

Stephen Fulder
Stephen Fulder, Ph.D., studied biochemistry and chemical pharmacology at Oxford University. His numerous books include An End to Ageing? and The Book of Ginseng. He is currently working to establish a medicinal plants industry in Israel.



Garlic's unparalleled taste--and its health benefits--are heralded in El ajo. Findings that garlic fights infection and heart disease have led to an explosion in its popularity--and in the production of supplements that offer all the benefits of garlic without its odor. But how does garlic work? Is there an optimal dose? Does taking too much cause any side effects? Many cultures have benefited from garlic's healing powers for centuries, but Americans are just beginning to explore its medicinal properties. Garlic reduces blood pressure, aids circulation, and prevents stroke. Stephen Fulder describes the most effective ways to use the "stinking rose."
"In twelve chapters, the authors present the case for garlic's place in health care with interesting historical background material, notes on preparations and uses of garlic, and a reference list divided into categories of research topics such as chemistry and infections. With the increased interest in garlic, consumers and sellers of herb products will find this a useful and informative primer."