The Sales Crime Policeman

The Sales Crime Policeman

ABOUT David J. Rollins

David J. Rollins
David Rollins grew up as a shy, quiet son of two Methodist ministers in South Carolina and is now currently living in Georgia. He has been writing since Seventh Grade and is determined to keep doing so until his fingers fall off and his brain drips out through his nose.



In the future, door-to-door sales has been outlawed, but that doesn't stop desperate salesmen from falling to those depths.

Telepathic Vacuum Cleaner Salesperson Police Officers enforce the laws for their market segment. They are an elite force of officers trained to fight sales crimes. Every day, they patrol neighborhood floors armed with security strength vacuums, looking for signs of sales abuse and bad consumer decisions. And they do what they do without any desire for recognition. To prove that, they give up their names when they become officers. Then again, they don't have a choice. It is department policy.

One Telepathic Vacuum Cleaner Salesperson Policeman decides he wants his name back, but he needs to do more than just complain to his best friend about it. He has been doing that for a while, and it hasn't worked so far. He needs influence.

When he starts on the trail of one of the most wanted criminals in his department, he might just get his wish. He only has to catch her, but that is not an easy task. And the closer he gets, the more he finds out just how wanted she is.