Listen To Me (The Logoria Series)

ABOUT Phylicia Joannis

Phylicia Joannis
Series writer with a love for all stories old and new. In between creating flowers out of garbage bag twistie things and changing dirty diapers, I write. And read. And edit. I love God, I hate my smartphone, and I think tennis shoes are the best invention ever.



Martin West is a new believer looking forward to his new life in Christ, but he’s having a hard time convincing the people from his past that he’s changed. His parents still don’t trust him, and his friends think he’s pretending. He wants to prove himself, but it seems like all his efforts backfire. Martin tries to help his best friend Max, who’s struggling with a powerful addiction, but none of his words come out quite right. Martin truly wants his family and friends to hear what he’s trying to say. Is anybody listening?