Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction, Gay & Lesbian

By Nancy Ann Healy

Publisher : Bumbling Bard Creations

ABOUT Nancy Ann Healy

Nancy Ann Healy
Nancy Ann Healy is a woman of many talents and interests. She has worked as everything from a bookstore manager to a standup comedian, and she enjoys movies, theater, and karaoke in her free time. Nancy is happily married to her wife, Melissa. Together they have a son, Chris, and two dogs More...



FBI agent Alexis Toles is dispatched to New Rochelle, New York, to investigate threatening letters sent to Congressman Christopher O’Brien, and to protect his ex-wife, Cassidy, and six-year-old son, Dylan. But when she gets to New Rochelle, Alex discovers that there is more to the situation than simple stalking or political agendas; she finds that she has growing romantic feelings for Cassidy—and that the feelings are mutual.

As Alex and Cassidy explore their budding romance, they must surmount many obstacles in explaining their relationship to those around them, including Dylan. All the while, the investigation continues, and the disturbing, convoluted, and complicated web surrounding the threats begins to unravel, placing the characters’ lives in grave danger.

Intersection is a taut political thriller that combines the action and suspense found in hit television shows like 24 with the insight and drama found in the widely popular fiction of LGBT authors such as R. E. Bradshaw and Stacey D’Erasmo. It is sure to appeal to fans of intrigue, mystery, and romance, and to provide positive role models for marginalized groups and relationships.

Alex and Cassidy have an interesting beginning. A year ago, I decided to return to writing fiction, namely a play. After years away from creative writing and performance, the endeavor seemed intimidating. My son, an avid fan fiction writer and reader suggested I "practice" and write a fan fiction. I balked. Finally, I decided perhaps it would be good practice. I wrote a story called Salvation (a Xena fan fiction that begins 11 years after Xena died). The following grew and some of my readers suggested I write an original piece. I love political thrillers and I LOVE the idea of falling in love. That is where Alex and Cassidy find their birth. They have taken me on quite the journey and continue do. The story is full of unique characters and crazy plot twists. As a social justice major, a woman and a lesbian. I think that mainstreaming models of same gender relationships is important. I hope that people can travel with Alex and Cassidy and enjoy their adventure. Perhaps, in the process. a few people will realize that we are all the same. Each of us muddles through life hoping to find love and connection, facing upheavals and even betrayals and never knowing where our journey may lead.

“The complex depictions of both Toles' and Cassidy's sexualities and personalities are refreshing...this welcome addition to the crime-fiction genre features a refreshingly new type of heroine.”


“This is not your typical lesbian fiction book, there is more to this story than the building romance between the main characters. It is also a really good political thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.” ~