Princess Natoree and the Tree Climber


J.B. Dabo
J.B. Dabo is an IT Consultant who has nurtured a lifelong love of writing and has written many poems and songs. Princess Natoree and the Tree Climber is his first children's book, and the first that has inspired him to publish his work. 



Inspiring, playful, and fun

Rollicking storylines with valuable messages.

The single-minded Princess Natoree wants to lead a life that is vastly different from the life that her father, King Oska, has envisioned for her. To the king, she should be a princess who is cherished by many, and protected first and foremost by the man she marries. Her mother, Queen Emma, only desires that her daughter be happy. To ensure that Natoree marry his ideal, the king has organized an endurance test, and the winner will be proclaimed her future prince. One of the contestants, Matura, has a bigger challenge than the others. He is disabled. Who will win the hand of the princess? How will Natoree find the happiness she longs for? Can anyone soften the heart of King Oska? This princess storybook is a must read for any young person who would benefit from the encouragement of a surprising and spirited success story. Children would learn kindness, love and acceptance.