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Honor Amelia Dawson
Honor Amelia Dawson When you open any of my Novels you will be faced with a personal mug shot! Beneath this a brief outline of my personal life, nothing to hide there then! I lead an uncomplicated existence I write about some of this on my wordpress blog which is steadily expanding with  More...


A heart wrenching mystery recounting the married life of Catherine, an isolated woman from the early 20th century, burdened by an indifferent husband, child deaths, accusations, a disbelieving family, with the only moral support stemming from her modern thinking sister. Eventually she crumbles, culminating in tragedy.
100 years later Michaela moves into Catherine's house, she is related and the stories and rumours have a bearing on her behaviour.She is a determined woman but is rattled by the locals comments and their speculation.
The entire situation convinces Michaela of Catherine's innocence, absorbing her in unearthing facts of Catherine's demise. Her investigation and delving for evidence disturbs certain people who have secrets of their own.