ABOUT Richard James

Richard James
Professional Bounty Hunter (a REAL one) of nearly 33 years, making arrests and chasing people all across the United States. I enjoy humor and the lighter side of life, hence, I write with a definate slant to the hilarious.  



True crime doesn't get any better than this. In Rhino James' Hunting America, the real-life stories of author and screenwriter Richard "the Rhino" James will grab you by the throat and not let go. 'Hunting America' is heart-pounding tales of danger and intrigue, plus some really hilarious dumb criminal stories thrown in for laughs, all with pictures. During his 25 years as a bail enforcement agent, Rhino has taken more than 5,000 fugitives off the streets. Sheriff's deputies nicknamed him "the Rhino" because when he is ready to make an arrest, he goes in fast, hits hard and gets out quick. "The Rhino" doesn't need unnecessary force. He doesn't even need guns, although he is an expert marksman and has the full authority to use any weapon he deems appropriate. Instead, he uses the sheer power of intimidation to capture the bad guys and bring them in. When "the Rhino" barrels into the room with his laser-sighted Taser and his team of enforcers, the criminals usually surrender quickly. If they do not willingly surrender, "the Rhino" can and will take them down. Richard James frequently brings his trusty sidekick "Big Bertha" on the hunt. It's the laser-sighted assault rifle he custom outfitted to fire non-lethal weighted rounds to incapacitate his captures. The bad guys don't know the gun isn't lethal. They only know that it's damn scary to stare down a two-foot barrel into the Sights of the Rhino's unflinching eye. Richard James is also a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has studied the White Crane and the Praying Mantis styles of Kung Fu. And if asked nicely, will demonstrate his proficiency with any number of martial arts weapons, much to the further amazement of the fugitive.