Shadowscape - The Stevie Vegas Chronicles

Young Adult

By Maryann Weston

Publisher : Caerus Publishing Australia

ABOUT Maryann Weston

Maryann Weston
I have been writing all my life across many mediums and for many purposes. I've written for newspapers - features, news, legal stories - and I've written for government, niche magazines, websites and for social media campaigns. 



Stevie Vegas is just your average 12 year old school kid living in suburban Valley Dale, with a passion for skateboarding. He thinks his life is pretty normal...that's until he discovers he's an Illuminator with extra-ordinary mind powers.

Then the Shadowcasters arrive and he's forced into a battle as ancient as time itself, one that pits Illuminators against Shadowcasters: lightbringers against demons.

Stevie Vegas must find a way to steal the source of the Shadowcasters' power, the cursed stones. Only then will he have the advantage in the fight for his life…

I wrote my book Shadowscape for my son who was 12 years old at the time, and a passionate skateboarder. The main character Stevie Vegas is modelled on him. Every night he would read what I'd written and say: "mum you can't say that" or "yeah, that's ok" or "yeah, pretty good". He was my biggest critic and fan, depending on if I got it 'right'. Thank you Callum.

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Shadowscape - The Stevie Vegas Chronicles is a young adult fantasy story written by Maryann Weston. Stevie is a 12-year-old skateboarding enthusiast who has a pretty decent life living with his younger brother Jem and his parents, who are both veterinarians. Underneath his normal exterior, Stevie has some pretty special abilities -- he can read people's thoughts and frequently knows when things are going to happen before they do. It's something that he doesn't really understand and isn't quite comfortable with, but it's helped him protect his brother from bullies at school. Things change drastically when Stevie arrives home from skateboarding to find a sinister man with a strange black aura chatting amiably with his parents. The man's name is Mr. Barron, and he's arranged for the Vegas family to move from their coastal town to Smithson, where Stevie's parents have been offered a lucrative veterinary practice. No one else in the family seems aware of the danger Stevie senses, but his Aunt Bessie, who shares some of his gifts, seems the right person for Stevie to call for help.

Maryann Weston's Shadowscape is an exciting and fast-paced young adult paranormal fantasy story that will appeal to sports fans as well. Stevie is a disciplined and talented skateboarder who settles his differences with Mr. Barron's son with a skateboarding contest. There's also plenty of action and adventure as Stevie and Aunt Bessie move to foil the dark schemes of the Barrons. I was relieved to read that Shadowscape is just the first part of a trilogy as I really didn't want the story to end. Shadowscape is a lot of fun to read, and I highly recommend it.